Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday News And Views

<====My patient subject poses on the Cedar Bend Trail.                                                     XXC Magazine Issue #7: I was informed that I had better download the latest issue of XXC Mag and boy, am I glad I did! Check out what you can get here, but you can check out a great recap of T.I.V6 there by Corey "Cornbread" Godfrey and a great write up concerning another gravel grinder classic, Barry Roubaix. Plus a bunch-o-other stuff! XXC just keeps getting better and still manages to escape that slick, sanctioned event aftertaste! In fact, it goes down pretty smooth, like a finely crafted home brew should. Check it out and either download a copy or order up a printed version. XXC is put out by Jason Mahokey, he of Soiled Chamois fame, and it is pretty obvious that these events and what they represent are close to his heart.

<===It's not single track, it's "Jungle Track"!

Abandoning The Green Belt: Yup! It is getting time to leave the Green Belt to the grasses of summer and the ever present mosquitoes and other biting insects. I took a short jaunt through there today and it was about choked off already in several places and of course, the mosquitoes have hatched, and they were wreaking havoc on every stop. Which there were many of due to the copious amounts of fine sand that have recently been deposited in the trail system.  See ya in the fall when the grasses have died off and the leaves are falling!

<==How To Make A Twin Six Metal Team Kit Look Bad: Give One To Guitar Ted!

Team Twin Six: Yeah, I'm on it again. Team Twin Six. The guys up at Twin Six World Headquarters once again deemed me worthy of stretching too little lycra over too much ghostly white flesh. So, I kitted up today and tried to not scare any campers at Cedar Bend today.

Seriously, if you want the best graphics and cool gear to wear on the bike or off it, Twin Six is where you need to source it from. The least I could do for these guys is pimp them on this site, since Lord knows I ain't gonna see a step of a podium anytime soon!

Things Are Cookin': Looks like some opportunities to write some different stuff have come my way. Still all bike related, but just a bit different than the ordinary blogging and review writing gigs I have been doing. Some of this will be forthcoming real soon, some of it will be coming later in the summer. It's exciting and fun, so I'll be talking more about this stuff in detail as the days go by.

That's it for Thursday. Have a good one, ya'all!


Rob said...

How was Cedar Bend? Riding tonight and can't decide to go there or to the camp.

We're in store for some nice weather for days to come......

Guitar Ted said...

@Rob: Cedar Bend is in excellent shape. I was torn between that and The Camp too, but since I was on a single speed, I picked Cedar Bend.