Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Better Now Than Later!

So I am commuting on my Dirty Kanza set up, just to get settled in and used to everything these last few days before gravel grinding's next big event. Well, everything feels really good so far, and I am feeling great about the rig and my plans. Then, know how it goes!

I was riding home when everything went awry with the plan. Call it "Murphy's Law", bad luck, or "the excrement striking the wind machine", but I had trouble. The crank arms- both of them- came loose on my ISIS drive crank set. Now this isn't anything too surprising to me, since ISIS has not been veddy-veddy-goot-ta me. No, no- It has struck me down before, so I wasn't about to fix this deal, I was about replacing it. Like with a non-ISIS drive crank!

So, that's what I did. I swapped out cranks, and bottom brackets, and yes it was a pain to have that happen right before the event. happened right before the event! Better now than down in Kansas!


Small Adventures said...

W-A-Y better now than half way through DK! Ted,I wish you a happy,fun and very safe ride in the DK,my friend. I look forward to reading all about it :-)


Unknown said...

You're not alone. I am currently scrambling to find a left hand shifter as mine passed away. Like you said, "Better Now Than Later". Good luck in the DK and I'll see ya there.