Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bike Shop Tales: Where Have You Been?

Hey! it's Tuesday and this is the day I usually post "Bike Shop Tales" posts. If you are a regular reader, you've noticed that I haven't been doing any of those stories since May. Things got off track, and actually, I completely forgot about "Bike Shop Tales" altogether!

I was reminded of all of this by my old friend, "Ears", who called me up yesterday and actually asked me about starting this all up again. (Yes Dude! I mentioned you on the blog. Chill out! It'll be okay!) I contemplated all of that he said, which was very complementary and encouraging. (Thanks, bro!)

But I need to hear from more of you. Is this something that anyone else out there actually finds interesting? Let me know by posting a comment in the comment section. I will gauge the interest I see from the comments that are generated here and let ya'all know my verdict on Wednesday. (Yes! One day to vote!)

Here's my personal feelings on the matter, if anyone needs something to go on here: First of all, there is a wealth of awesome material that I could comment on, tell stories from, and describe to all of you from my past work at "Advantage Cyclery" The only thing is, a lot of it would embarrass, offend, or otherwise tweak off a lot of local folks that I still see and that read this blog. (You know who you all are, I'm betting!) That makes telling stories here about those days difficult, and in some cases, impossible.

Some things are better left unsaid, in other words! (Maybe a lot of things!)

So, it wouldn't break my heart to let it go, but if there are enough votes in favor of doing this again, I'll continue. Make sense?

 Okay, so let me have your feedback, please. Thanks!


Dave said...

like em, but i want the juicy stuff... after all, it's usually the most interesting!

so if that puts you too close to the edge, then i say bail on it.

sanename said...

Yes, more bike shop tales please, it is one of the things I like most about your blog and seperates it out from many of the other blogs about biking that I have tried and failed to find any interest in.

bicycletorch said...

Having worked in a couple shops for the past 15 years, it is fun to hear about others' experiences that are so similar to mine. It's no fun to offend, but there's nothing to do about the past but learn from it. Keep em coming.

Small Adventures said...

GT,I sure enjoy the reading of em =)


Iowagriz said...

I like them. If needed change them from bike shop employee tales to customer tales. I'm sure you have plenty of material with those.

john said...

Keep the Tales coming. Feel free to offend ah ah ah other people - especially those two girls and the three arm mechanic and that dog who couldn't fix a flat and the bag lady who lived in the basement.
Probably best to offend none of us including the dog.

Rich said...

Do the shop tales!!!!