Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Green Light

<===Heading north bound with this on Friday......

Green lights.  The signal for "going".

I've been waiting for a "green light" for months now. When you are married, and have a family, it isn't all about what you want to do. So, when the Fargo Adventure Ride was announced, I penciled it into the calendar and  conferred with Mrs. Guitar Ted about it. She figured that it might work out to see a friend that she has up there and that our kids may go to see their grandparents at that time.

Then there were wrenches. You know......the things that can change your plans. 

First off, my wife's friend moves away from the Twin Cities. Then her boss at work starts meddling in her plans, telling her she won't tell my wife whether or not she can get the time off until the week of. (!!) Yeah........nice!

Well, we got around that major hurdle, and now my good friend that watches our kids and my wife are taking the kids to the Twin Cities for an overnight-er themselves. Everything worked out after all. 

So, the "green light" is on. I'm going to The Fargo Adventure Ride on Thursday/Friday, and then onward to the Sol Sessions in Wisconsin Friday till Sunday morning. Big riding , big miles in the car, and big fun with friends. I am excited.

Maybe we'll even run into some Trans Wisconsin riders, eh? That'd be cool!

In other news, The Renegade Sportsman author, Zach Dundas, does a bit of an article for Good magazine online here. Zach is exploring the rising popularity of these events, which to the average citizen may seem bizarre, twisted, and insane. He quotes Tim Ek, posts the T.I.V2 video made by Jeff Kerkove, and has a bit of a Q&A with me as well. Check it out for a perspective that comes from outside the little niche of gravel grinder freaks.


Steve Fuller said...

Have a great weekend GT. I wish I could hit the Fargo Adventure Ride and Sol Sessions as well this weekend, but that will be difficult to do. Hoping to maybe catch you guys up in the Cable area, but I'm not holding my breath.

Guitar Ted said...

@Steve Fuller: Have a fun, enjoyable ride steve. Should be quite a time!

MG said...

I'm super stoked you're gonna' be able to go, G-T. We'll have a great adventure, like we always do. It wouldn't have been the same without you there, so please send Mrs. G-T my thanks for her work to make your trip possible. I really appreciate it!

See you soon,

Oh, and hope to see you out there too, Fuller. Go get 'em!

GNAT said...

Awesome news!

I rode the gravel portions of the Fargo route today along with about a mile of the grassy farm access roads and it was pretty sweet. I think you all are going to like it. It is pretty flat, but it is pretty soft and requires quite a bit of wattage to keep the wheels turning. I think it will end up about 55 miles, but it will be a very tough 55 miles.

grannygear said...

Hey, that's is a funny looking Fargo!

Guitar Ted said...

@grannygear: Wait till tomorrow's post. ;>)