Thursday, June 03, 2010

I Aim To Please!

I was visiting an old friend the other day, one who isn't really a "bike-nik" at all. He has known me since childhood, so he keeps tabs on my comings and goings here on the "inner-webs".

<===Not fond of this shot myself!

He's never at a loss for words and he had some comments and concerns about things 'round here. So, being an accommodating dude, I am obliging him today with a bit of content here that was suggested by him.

"First off", he said to me, "how is it that there are no images of Guitar Ted on Guitar Ted's site? What's up with that? You should put up more images of yourself, whether you like them or not!" So, here I have added one from my recent Jasper County trek with d.p. Hope no one gags on their coffee!

<===Gratuitous guitar imagery.

"Secondly, why is it "Guitar Ted Productions" and I never see anything on there about guitars. What's the deal?" Well, he's right, although I just posted the other day about guitars, it doesn't come up all that often here. So, I figured I'd just grab some of them that were at hand, and take a picture. I could have kept going with more guitars, but I figured that would just be piling on. <======Ha!

Then he continued with the "How did the Guitar Ted thing come up?" ruse. Well, I had him on that one. I posted that whole story up once and for all right off when I started blogging in 2005. But, he came back with, "But if somebody new starts reading your site, they won't have a clue." Touche'! So for all you newbies out there, here is the link to "The Story of Guitar Ted"

Okay, he had a lot more ideas that he laid on me, but those were the ones specific to this site, I Anyway! Hope that helps some of you out there with this site and why things are the way that they are.

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