Saturday, January 03, 2015

An Odd One So Far

Never thought I'd be using this bike for commuting in January!
Back around Thanksgiving time in November I thought, "Well, here we go with another long, freezing, snowy Winter!". Last Winter was a record tough one here. It got cold and snowy early and it stayed that way until well into March. I like Winter, but that was so harsh that I wasn't sad to see it go away, and I wasn't too keen on having a repeat performance! Mrs Guitar Ted was advising me to take it easy- that there wasn't anything I could do about it anyway, and wasn't I from Iowa?!! As in- "You should know what to expect this time of year, Fool!" Yes.....she was right. I was overreacting, and then it got warm!

December was unprecedented. So says the local newspaper, which told a story of how this past December tied a record for the least amount of snow recorded for the month. The temperatures on Christmas Day were in the 40's, and I was able to bag a few longer rides on the Tamland. That bike I figured I would squirrel away until Spring was about to unfold was still being ridden in what should have been the dead of Winter! 

A friend asked what I thought of the Blackborow DS I got, and I was thinking that by this time I would have figured out the handling in snow and frozen tracks, but no dice! Besides the very first ride I had on it in November, I haven't been in any snow of significant enough depth to tell you anything about the way it rides in the white stuff. Sure.......I go get what I figure will be my ultimate snow bicycle and it quits snowing! Hold on though.....all is not lost.

I recall that in 2012 I did a beautiful day of driving on completely snow free roads at the end of the first week of January, then Winter showed up! It still could be a brutal, snowy Winter and it could start out any day. In fact, we may get some snow and we are supposed to get really cold again for a few days here soon. Stay tuned......this Winter could straighten out yet!

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