Sunday, January 04, 2015

Laying Low

A late day milk run.
This year hasn't started out all that great around here. Seems like we are all suffering from the flu-like symptoms that include a bad headache, stuffiness, and coughing.

There was a great night out Friday evening where we all felt a respite, just in time, so we could celebrate 16 years of marriage for me and Mrs. Guitar Ted. The whole family went to the Brown Bottle in downtown Waterloo and had a nice meal. It was the first time that we had taken the kids out to a "fancier" restaurant and Jacob declared afterward that it was good and that we should go back again soon.

Guess that's the start of a tradition, eh?

Unfortunately yesterday we all woke up feeling really under the weather again. Bah! I slept in until quite late and then I was wandering around the house like a zombie for a few hours after that. Finally got around to a few things about the house, then realized we were out of milk. A perfect opportunity to get out on the bicycles and wander down to the convenience store to "milk the cow" as I like to say.

Other than that we've just been laying low and trying to live through to the other side of this crud we're all dealing with.

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