Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trans Iowa V11: Special Statement On E-mail

Recently I was contacted by one of the Rookie entrants in this upcoming Trans Iowa who was afraid that they had missed out on getting an e-mail or two concerning Trans Iowa. Now of course, you Veterans and Finishers of past Trans Iowas know the drill, so if you want to tune out now, please go ahead......or not. You might be interested in the "why" of what I do or do not do.

In this age of The World's History, I have found that the internet has drastically altered our lives, and much of this can be seen as "digital litter" which captures our attention and, in the end, wastes a bunch of our very limited time allotted to us on this Rock. (Facebook anyone?) So, in my inimitable way, I have decided to be less of an intrusion in your already information packed life.

That said, I did ask for your e-mail address when I had you send in a post card for Trans Iowa V11 registration. Why? It is for one reason alone, really, and that has to do with the Pre-Race Meat-Up. There will be an e-mail going out soon with all the details of the pre-event goings on and this will include times, places, and a schedule of events. There will also be a question about eating at the Grinnell Steakhouse. You should only get one e-mail, and have to respond to it. That's it.

Now- if you do not respond, or your e-mail address turns up bad, I will be doing more via social media to reach you to get an answer. Also........

If you are not going to be able to be at the start line of Trans Iowa V11, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!!

This is very important. If I end up doing a bunch of extra work, and my volunteers stuff bags for people that don't show up for any reason, that is not cool. Please let me know if life or injury, or disinterest.....whatever it may be- prevents you from being at Trans Iowa. Thank you!

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