Sunday, March 13, 2016

Minus Ten Review- 10

Back when my Nikon's lens cover wouldn't retract right.
Ten years ago on the blog this week I was pontificating on how all this internet crap was bad for you. Hmm.....

Maybe I should have taken my own advice, eh? 

Here's a little snippet:

"Want to know where the end of the internet is? It's about twenty inches in front of your nose right now! It's not just the end of the internet either. It could be the end of your free time, the end of real relationships, the end of you!

Think I'm crazy? Take a break from this cybertronic black soul sucker for a week. Come back and tell me then. See if you don't rediscover a few things..........about life!"
Yeah, I still kind of feel that way. Kudos to anyone who has "pulled the plug" and stayed away. I bet they are having a lot of fun and not missing a whole lot either. Especially these days.

The middle of the week I was posting about how I had become aware that several companies in the cycling world were watching my blog, and that many were contacting me offline or by e-mail to make comments. A few folks were a bit "concerned" about my revelations and some were genuinely curious about my intentions. This is pretty much what ended up pulling me into a gig with Twenty Nine, and had already landed me at the site called "The Biking Hub", which is now defunct. In fact, I announced that I had another article published by the site ten years ago this week.

Finally, I was reminded while doing this post that my first digital camera, a point and shoot Nikon, wasn't working right. The retractable lens cover wasn't retracting, and I often would forget about that till I got home and downloaded the images. The good ol' days........ 

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