Sunday, March 06, 2016

Minus Ten Review- 9

Ten years ago, the shop was visited by this bird.
Ten years ago on the blog the week was dominated by my second "Ted-terview" and it was with my then co-worker, Carl Buchanan. He was into 24hr endurance racing and XC racing back then and had just secured a sponsorship with Cannondale Bikes to ride their rigs for the '06 season.

The interview deal was a ton of fun, but in reality, had I known at the time I could have done a podcast, I would have quickly moved to doing that. Having first Jeff Kerkove, and then Carl, doing my interviews, it didn't take me long to figure out that transcribing from a dictation recorder wasn't very efficient, or fun. But I soldiered on, and the four part interview with Carl came out over the course of the week.

Now I get to do the Riding Gravel Radio Ranch and that pretty much is what I was trying to do with the "Ted-terview" idea, only I do not have to transcribe an hour plus long conversation! I still have to rely on the expertise of my partner, Ben, in getting it all up on the web and distributed, but it is still far easier this way. My hope is that the program can become a bit more regular at some point, as we have been a bit random in our output since last Spring.

Previous to the Radio Ranch, I filled my desires for something along the lines of a podcast by finding out about "audio blogging" and using that platform for "Trans Iowa Radio". I thought of it at first like I did back when I used to do mock radio programs by taping myself on a portable cassette deck. So, there was a lot of silliness and off the cuff humor in that first Trans Iowa radio blast, and it was in no way meant to be serious. However; folks were upset that I wasn't being "more professional" and I found out folks were listening internationally besides the folks here in the US. Later on Ben heard about what I was doing, and my first go-round with him was when Mountain Bike Radio took over the production of Trans Iowa Radio for T.I.v9's running in 2013. Then we were able to get rider call-ins, and that became immensely popular.

It all started with the cassette recorder when I was a kid. Then the "Ted-terview", and Trans Iowa Radio, which then led to where I am now with the Riding Gravel Radio Ranch. Things have come a long way!

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sniffer said...

It would be great to hear another Kerkove interview on RGRR. I'm sure your both super busy but I'd tune in and spread the word. I really enjoy the podcast talks. Thanks.