Saturday, March 12, 2016

Trans Iowa v12: Pre-Race Meat-Up Details

The Pre-Race Meat-Up is a mandatory attendance, pre-race gathering at the Grinnell Steakhouse on Friday, April 22nd starting at 4:00pm and lasting till.....well, hopefully around 7:30pm. We will see how it all plays out, but the last few years we have gotten out around that time.

So, If you are in Trans Iowa v12, listen up! This is very impotant for you to get right. Mess up "Checkpoint Zero" and you will have failed before you start, because trust me.....I will not give you your cues to start if you are even one minute late! 

I know that sounds harsh, but ever since we've been in Grinnell, which goes back to T.I.v6, it has been this way and everyone has made it on time every year. You can to. But, don't test me in this. I am quite prepared to take my stand.

Okay, with that out of the way then, here's the low down on the meeting.

  • Start Time: The registration table will be open at 4:00pm, April 22nd inside the Grinnell Steakhouse. Plan on getting there early and getting settled in to eat. More details on the eating part will follow. We'd like to get you registered, have you grill, and eat, all by 6:30pm. NOTE: The registration table closes at 6:30pm and if you are not checked in by then, you are NOT RIDING IN T.I.v12!!
  • Meeting: I'd like to open up the meeting proper at 6:45-ish. I will go over the introductions, sponsor mentions, and then I will talk a little about this year's event. The course will be discussed. I will go over a few points about safety. Then, I will call up the riders one by one to get the all important bag with a few odd swag items and the cues to Checkpoint #1. After you get your cues, you are free to leave. 
  • Ending Time: I'd like to be cleaned up and out of the Grinnell Steakhouse's hair by 8:00pm. 
Comments: Okay, here are a couple of points that come up every year, so hopefully you will get your answers about fine details in the following comments. plus- I have a very important change to discuss regarding the Grinnell Steakhouse. 

First off, while you are required to attend the Pre-Race Meat-Up, and be registered by 6:30pm on Friday, April 22nd, it is true that you do not have to eat at the Grinnell Steakhouse. Every year, a few riders don't choose to eat at the site we hold the meeting at. Here's a few reasons why I feel you should eat there. 
  • I get the meeting room at no charge because I bring in business from riders and support people to the Grinnell Steakhouse. If enough people decide not to support that by not eating there, then the deal will fall through, and a big part of how this event works will be lost, and maybe I won't evgen put it on again because I can't find another place to do this at. So, it is an economic deal, and hey......ya gotta eat somewhere, why not at one of Iowa's best restaurants? 
  • You will miss one of the coolest aspects of the entire event weekend, if you decide not to eat there. Hanging out, talking with the other riders, support folks, volunteers, and myself doesn't happen at any other time during Trans Iowa. You don't want to miss this aspect of the event. 
  • Like I mentioned, the Grinnell Steakhouse is one of the best restaurants in Iowa, You can grill your own beef, pork, or chicken, or order a sandwich, burger, or other choice off the menu. They have a kid's menu. They have vegetarian choices, a salad bar, and a great beer selection. You won't find any better in Grinnell, and the Steakhouse is located right in the same area as most of the motels, just off I-80. 
Now, the change from years past- The way we used to do the deal was to give you three menu choices and then I would survey the riders and then give the feedback on the choices to the Steakhouse so they could be ready for us. Well, the Steakhouse folks said that so many order off the menu now that I do not have to bother ya'all with that survey anymore. So it's even easier for everyone all around now. 

Okay, that's all pretty standard and it should be easy to figure out, but please ask away if you need to know anything. Kids and support folks are definitely welcome, so if you have them along, bring 'em. It's all one big "family" at Trans Iowa. 

Finally, a couple of sponsorship notes. Velocity USA is going to provide their excellent Bottle Traps as a schwag prize to every rider in the field. The folks at Velocity USA have been longtime supporters of Trans Iowa, so check them out for your wheel and rim needs as well. Next up I have a reminder that WTB is sponsoring Trans Iowa again this year with tires for every finisher of the event. We are going to give away two free entries to the awesome event, Heck Of The North. The event director, Jeremy Kershaw, will be on hand to explain the giveaway at the Pre-Race Meat-Up. Trans Iowa Radio will be back again thanks to Ben Welnak of We also are being sponsored anonymously by someone who had some great bumper stickers featuring the T.I.v12 header made for each rider in the event. That same person also donated the large banner we will display at the checkpoints this year. Thanks to all these great sponsors for making Trans Iowa so awesome this year.

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Heck yeah! Stoked for Trans Iowa Radiooooo! No race update is too short, and I hope for plenty of rider call-ins as well!