Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Trans Iowa v12: The List Of Things To Do

The day is drawing near faster than you think. Trans Iowa v12 is coming and will soon be happening. There is much to do before that day!

Preparations for the event are cranking up now. I will be getting a hold of everyone on the roster soon about the Pre-Race Meat-Up at the Grinnell Steakhouse, which is a mandatory pre-race event. Some have dubbed it "Checkpoint Zero", since if you don't make the meeting on time, or at all, you cannot ride in Trans Iowa.

I will also be confirming the names I have for volunteers for Trans Iowa. First off, I want to say that I am floored by the outpouring of offers to volunteer. It is one of the tremendous characteristics of the folks that attend or are attracted to Trans Iowa and gravel events in particular- they want to help out. I think I've only asked for volunteers a couple of times in Trans Iowa's 12 year history, and those were in the beginning. I get offers from people to volunteer at Trans Iowa without a word from me. That is humbling and I am super grateful for that. Thanks!

I have been ruminating on the course a lot over the Winter. I have made a few edits where I wasn't satisfied and an alternative presented itself. There is one other place I am not 100% stoked on, but that's par for any Trans Iowa. Let's see if anyone can figure out where it is I am thinking of after the fact. I bet no one will even notice......

Oh, and now would be a good time to let everyone know that the course grew a hair over the Winter. Now we're looking at 340.4 miles. Yeah......that's maxed out, and I typically don't like to push it out that far, but there ya go. Probably the longest Trans Iowa I've planned in a long time. The first checkpoint is still 53.16 miles in and the second is about 160 miles in, which is about 15 closer than usual, but it worked out that where I wanted the checkpoint to be was at a point that made it work out the way that it does. So, that last 180 miles will be a slog, but I believe it fits what we have to offer this time around.

The course: Well, it's obviously a doozy and it goes over a lot of new roads for Trans Iowa. Weather permitting, it should be really interesting to see how the ideas for this one play out with the competitors. I have to get a final draft of the cue sheets ready, because on April 16-17 we will be doing a final run through on those cues, checking roads, and making any necessary changes. That gives me less than a week to print, cut, and collate the sets of cues for the riders. That will be a rough week!

Finally, I have to get the numbers in order that we will use to pin to you riders. This will work with the roster sheets the volunteers will use to check off your progress and to keep track of any drop outs along the way. I have to look at my "emergency kit" for re-routes, and all of the tape, stakes, hammers, and whatever else I need for this event. Clipboards, pens, markers, zip-ties, safety pins, twisty-ties, you know...... All the stuff you need for one of these deals. 

I write all of this not to complain, or even to make a plea, no- I write all this to help me remember stuff! I am getting older, ya know......

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graveldoc said...

As Red Green would say, "Don't forget the Duck Tape"!