Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational: Update 2

Update 2

Okay, here are a few new things I need to get out concerning the GTDRI coming up on July 30th. If you missed that last update, you can find it HERE.

So, after a bit of map gazing, it occurred to me that instead of going to Steamboat Rock and possibly not much for a stop, we could cross the Iowa River on gravel and hit up Eldora, then use the T.I.v9 route out of town to the North and re-connect with the original track of the first GTDRI. I do not think this adds anything to the mileage totals either, which is a good thing. If it does, it will be very minimal.

Eldora has a really good Casey's convenience store, a Kum & Go that is decent, and a pretty nice grocery store. So, we have lots of options. I am going to put a vote in for the Casey's myself, as it is closer to the route we need to get out of town to the north.

Next, I am thinking the social stop at the end will be in Hudson Iowa at one of the bars my friend Tony is suggesting we use. This will be about five miles from where you will be starting from, so some of you might stash your cars in Hudson and ride up to the start and have your rig there when we get back to Hudson on the proposed route.

Now, a couple of finer details on this ride:
  • Anyone is invited as long as you feel you are up to a century-plus long ride. 
  • Self-sufficient, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU! 
  • NO DROP RIDE- No one will be left behind unless they cut us loose of their own will. NOTE: There are several ways to short-cut the route within the first 65 miles or so if you feel you are needing to cut out early. After that though....... 
  • Social pace. This isn't a race, but we will also be keeping a move on, since we need to get a lot of miles in during what time we have in daylight. There will be several stops to gather up the riders if we get strung out. There also will be a longer stop at the Casey's in Gladbrook, Iowa. Expect a 12-13mph pace. 
  • It will be VERY HILLY from about mile 30-ish till about mile 60-ish, then it goes back to gentle rollers for the remainder of the ride. 
  • There will be a big climb out of the Iowa River Valley at about mile 100. 
  • NOTE: I am moving the start time back a half an hour to 5:30am to allow for more time to get in all the miles. 
More info will be coming after I get a couple of recon rides in, Stay tuned!

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MICHAEL said...

Sounds like a great time for those who can handle 100+ mile rides. It won't work for me this year as the real 'Ted' is putting on a show in Medina, MN on the 29th which I will not miss. Hope you guys all finish and have a great ride...