Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Weekend In Review

See that thing under the top tube? Test rode the new frame pump on Saturday.

I had to try out a couple of things out on the gravel roads Saturday. One was the new WTB Riddler tires, which I am testing out and writing a review for on RidingGravel.com. The other thing was something I've been missing for well over a year now. A frame pump!

On a 3GR ride long ago, I was riding along when something slapped my legs and clattered off my Black Mountain Cycles frame. What the...?!! Robert, who was near me when it happened told me my beloved Blackburn frame pump from 1996 had bitten the dust. Literally. It broke right in two pieces as I was riding and there it lay in the limestone dust. Done.

Frame pumps are not prevalent in today's cycling marketplace. There are still the old Zefal models available, but I never liked how those worked. Not for me. I could buy a new Silca frame pump, but have you seen the prices on those things? Ouch!! So, my other good choice was a Topeak frame pump, which is reasonably priced and looks okay, but for some reason I never bit on it. Until now, that is. I like the pump and it fits my 59cm Cross frame perfectly. Would I like a Silca pump better? maybe. I may find out later. I have a Twin Six Standard Rando that sports a pump peg.

 I got to ride with Mrs. Guitar Ted for once. I think it's been over ten years since that has happened!

The day of bike detailing was on Sunday. I had my son get in on the act and he cleaned up the forlorn Raleigh Coasting bike. Coasting was a Shimano group that featured a three speed internal gear hub which was shifted by a servo motor and control which in turn was powered by a front dynamo hub. It works really well and there are no batteries to charge! The servo is set to shift at certain speed intervals which feel pretty natural. It will also shift down to a lower gear when you slow down some, say on an incline, so it is totally automated with nothing for the rider to do but pedal. Plus, it came with the most funky chain ever.

Anyway, after the clean up by my son, who did an excellent job for a twelve year old, Mrs. Guitar Ted and I went for a ride. I chose my nearly identically colored Salsa Cycles Blackborow DS. I haven't ridden this bike since Winter, and man! Those tires are loud on pavement!! I had to raise my voice, and my wife here's, just so we could have a conversation over the constant roar and rumble of those Surly Lou tires! Then I bought her a treat at the local Dairy Queen. That was a great ride.

The kids got airbrushed tattoos.

The 4th of July celebration is always spent with my Mom and Step-Dad in Iowa Falls, Iowa. It's as "small town Iowa" as it gets, with a central block dedicated to a band shell and park area where everyone gathers to see little kids compete in a dessert bake-off, watch the local dance team perform, and see some local musical talent perform. There is an old carnival set up with some super-cheesy rides, and your typical "fair food' vendors lining one street.

The kids got their airbrushed tattoos, we had coffee downtown at the coffee shop, and chit-chatted with several locals. Then it was back home to rest before we sent the kids off with a family friend to witness their fireworks for the year.

So, a pretty low key weekend. But it was necessary to get recovered from some minor bug I have which has left me feeling as though I have been hit by a truck every morning. (I know.....I really have been hit by a truck!) Now it is time to buckle down on the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational preparations, and I have all my route tweaks in mind, so there is some checking to do. I hope to do all of that via bicycle, but we will have to see how that pans out here in the next couple of weeks.

Finally, I wanted to give a Guitar Ted Productions "Congratulations!!" to Trans Iowa finishers Corey "Cornbread" Godfrey, Jay "Fixie Jesus" Barre, and Land Run 100 director, Bobby Wintle on their Tour Divide finishes over the weekend. Way to go guys!


MG said...

Nice... You'll like that pump. I own two of 'em and they've held up well.

Andy said...

Mr. G-Ted were you in the greater Iowa City area this afternoon? I was on a dirt road and passed a couple guys headed the other direction. After a minute riding past I thought,"well damn, that guy looked like guitar Ted." I should have stopped anyways just to chat I guess, but I had been fighting the previous 10 miles and had just finally found my groove. Man did I find my groove, I pounded out 16mph average over the next 15 miles and then I hit some pavement and cranked out 6 miles @ 19mph. Well hope to see you out there some time.

Guitar Ted said...

@Andy: Wasn't me, I swear!

I'm probably bigger, fatter, and slower than the guy you thought was me anyway.

Sounds like you had a great ride. Thanks for reading here!