Saturday, July 09, 2016

Minus Ten Review- 27

Look at all those blue dots now days! It wasn't like that ten years ago!
Well, on the blog ten years ago I had another week without images!! I wasn't such a shutter bug then as my camera, an old, outdated Nikon Coolpix model, was pretty lame. I remember it had an automatic lens cover and it would stick partially shut when I opened it to take a photo. That would leave the upper left corner and lower right corner looking shaded. If you ever see an image here that has those shadowy corners, you know what camera I used for that!


I was still talking a bit about Tour Divide, although back then it was still The Great Divide Race. I was a bit shocked when I went back to read the posts from a decade ago to see that there were only two individuals still at it out there back then. 

Yep, just two individuals were still going and no one had finished yet. Matt Lee was in New Mexico and was close to getting it done, while second place Kenny Maldanado, was just getting into Idaho. Crazy! Two guys? Look at that map from earlier in this year's Tour Divide. It looks like a traffic jam of cyclists! Things definitely have changed these days.

Other than that I had some chit-chat about how cyclists are odd people, a bit about new 29"er stuff, new offset ideas for forks, and I got sick while re-conning the upcoming GTDRI course for 2006. Speaking of which, I ope to be doing the same thing today. Stay tuned.....

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