Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Jingle Grind

You might just be climbing this same hill on the Jingle Cross Fondo.
Cyclo Cross is a big deal in some areas, and we've been fortunate enough here in Iowa that a few far sighted promoters took their passions for CX and put them to work creating events like "Night Cap Cross", "Spooky Cross", and, of course, "Jingle Cross". In fact, Jingle Cross got so popular and large it has become a World Cup event. That's pretty crazy seeing as how Iowa is probably the last place anyone would think of for any World Cup, UCI sanctioned event to be occurring in.

Well, as one might expect with such a big event, there are lots of satellite events and happenings going on within the umbrella of Jingle Cross weekend. One of those is actually a gravel ride, which the Jingle Cross brass have loaded down with some corporate, unmemorable name that rolls off the tongue like a train wreck. So, I am taking the liberty of calling it "Jingle Grind".

I got to ride down that way on the last Geezer Ride this past Spring and it is amazing territory to ride through. I would highly recommend the ride based just upon that factor alone. However; maybe you are star-struck and would get off riding with some former Pro roadie dudes. Well, Jingle Grind has that as well. Then there is the whole World Cup CX deal, which you get entry to as well. I guess it will be quite the scene. Maybe you'd like that as well? Go for it. The gravel will be a welcomed respite from the cray-cray of the cyclo cross madness.

Anyway, I find it quite remarkable that they added a gravel ride, and it actually is mostly gravel. Cool.

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50voltphantom said...

I think you mean the "awesomey-awesomeness of the cyclo cross madness". But yes, the whole thing is going to rule.