Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Labor Day Car Show

Labor Day is a time to exercise family traditions. For the family I belong to, that means a trip to Iowa falls to the annual car show they have downtown every Labor Day Monday. Last year I completely spaced this event off, which was the first time in many years that I missed the show. Not happening this year! I made sure we all went over on Monday to check out the shiny machinery and see my Step Dad and Mom.

I have come to have a critical eye when looking at cars in car shows now. I guess I have "adulted" enough now to not get too overcome by a fancy paint job and a supercharger sticking out of an engine bay. I look at details, and when you get those right, it is almost a sure bet that the car is an excellent example of a hot rod, restored beauty, daily driver, or even a rat rod. Missing things like clean joinery, wires that aren't neatly run, or leaving the "unseen parts" undone is a sure guarantee that I'm not going to waste anymore time looking at that rig.

That said, there are always exceptions, like the 1918 Model T Ford which the owner told me he drives regularly. It wasn't restored to "show quality", but look- how many 1918 Model T Fords have you seen that are licensed drivers lately? Yeah.... So, I took the time to check that one out thoroughly.

Following are some images of cars, and more specifically, parts of cars, which I found interesting.

1957 Desoto Sportsman 2 door hardtop.
Interesting factoid: The Chrysler Corporation, which Desoto was a part of, introduced the four headlight look in 1957 first. By 1958, it was all the rage for all American car companies.

Ka-chow! Chrome and fins. The 50's were known for these two characteristics when it came to cars.
My son and I trying to figure this one out. That's a V-8 stuffed in there.
How many finned drum brakes do you see these days?
The very rare, quite unknown Internal Combustion Droid- or.....just a really cool air intake system!
A cool badge on a Plymouth's dashboard reads, "Plymouth Road King".
1918 Ford engine block casting: "Made In USA"
It is a good reminder of how reliable cars are these days. Back in the early 20th Century, automobile drivers had to be mechanics as well. This was the stock tool kit for an early Hudson.
Dashborads and instrument clusters were decorative elements. No Navigation or Entertainment systems here!
 Marketing: It isn't anything new, ya know?
More marketing- This was on an AMC Javelin SST
There is a reason there is a fire extinguisher near this vehicle. It's so ugly, it might burst into flames! Guess what it is and what package it has.
When was the last time you saw a flat head 12 cylinder motor? This is a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr.
Love that grill work.
Could make this a good Trans Iowa Level B Road vehicle!
My daughter geeking out on the build book for this early 40's fire truck which featured a pump built by Viking Pump in Cedar Falls Iowa.
So, that was a fun visit and I got to spend time with my folks and immediate family. We went home and had a nice evening meal and treated ourselves to ice cream afterward. That was how we ended our Summer. Now it is time to move on towards Fall and some good fall cycling. I am excited, as it is my favorite time of year for bicycling.


Jon Steinhauser said...

Looks like a 74 Vega,I've never seen one with a padded roof. We had a GT when I was a kid, burned oil like crazy!

Guitar Ted said...

@Jon Steinhauser: Yes, a Vega with the Cabriolet package. I don't ever remember one, but there it was! There actually was another Vega GT there and looked factory fresh. Crazy. I thought all of these were rusted in junk yards by '79-'80 or so. Probably the worst car Chevy ever produced, but that could be up for debate.

Citation, Chevette, and the Cavalier could give the Vega a run for its money.

james said...

The old Vega Notchback. What a toilet bowl! I had one in high school, it burned more oil than gas and had some serious rust (a California car no less)

james said...

Don't forget the Monza

Doug said...

It's a Chevrolet Monza Town Coupe. 1975 or '76??

Gravelo said...

So what did they put in the "boot" on theVW since they put a motor in the front?

Guitar Ted said...

@Doug- Read the comments before yours

@Gravelo- The gas tank!