Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Trans Iowa v13: Registration Tweaks Update

A little over ten days ago I listed some ideas that I had planned to implement for the Registration for Trans Iowa v13 and I asked for feedback or you'd get stuck with my plans. Well, I didn't get much feedback, so guess what? You can't complain now. The train has left the station......

So, if I get any complaints now, or in the future, I will take them under advisement, as far as you know, but I will not address or answer any questions going forward about how registration works and why I am doing it this way. Going forward, this is the plan, so make notes. I'm only posting this once.

Okay, so there is now a "Trans Iowa Inactive List". As I stated almost two weeks ago, there are just too many folks on the Veterans and Finishers lists now to allow just anyone in via postcard. I am instituting the Lottery to help with this. That said, there are a LOT of folks that have not tried getting into Trans Iowa for several years. I put these folks on the Inactive List. It doesn't mean that these people cannot get into Trans Iowa ever again. It simply means that I am weeding out seemingly uninterested folks from the Veterans Lottery so those who really want in have a better chance at it. (Because the numbers in that lottery will be lower, so the chances are better that your card will be drawn.) The Inactives can send in a post card, but it will go into the Rookie Lottery batch. That is if anyone on the list actually bothers to try. Which, obviously, hasn't been the case for several years. So, this will, in all probability, be a moot point except in rare instances.

There is also a new "Trans Iowa "Plus Six" and Active Winners List". There are 25 folks on that list currently, and these folks are the only ones that will simply be allowed to enter by post card now. The reason for this is that they have been regular attenders and riders in Trans Iowa with their most recent ride being post T.I.v7. These riders also have to have at least six or more Trans Iowa attempts. The remaining names here are the most recent winners- T.I.v7 to the present- and of these none have done six Trans Iowas, but they have won in recent years, and have ridden in T.I.v8 or later.

So, it is simple. If you are one of the 25 on the Trans Iowa "Plus Six" and Active Winners List, you will have the opportunity to get in via a post card, with info I ask for on it and sent to a specific address. That leaves, at least, 95 spots left open.

Of those 95, there will be a Lottery for Rookies for 40 spots. Rookies are folks that have never been in a Trans Iowa before. The Rookies will have to send in a post card for the lottery. The details of how and when to send those in will be released soon. There is a possibility that a few Trans Iowa Inactive List riders will be in the batch for these 40 spots. This will leave 55 spots left open for Trans Iowa v13.

The remaining 55 spots will be for Veterans of past Trans Iowas that do not have their names on any of the above lists. There will be a lottery for the remaining 55 spots only if I get more than 55 entrants via post cards, the details of how and when to send those in will be released soon.

This is the layout if I get all 25 names on the Plus Six and Active Winners List to enter. If less than 25 enter, there will be more spots available for Veterans. If I do not, for some bizarre reason, fill out the Vet spots, then I will move those down to the Lottery for the Rookie and Inactive list folks.

Got it? Good!

Details on Registration will be announced this weekend. Stay tuned!

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neddieO said...

Thanks, Mark. Sounds like a good system you've devised. Appreciate the hard work of you and your crew.