Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday News And Views

Dusting the ol' girl off for the Geezer Ride. Literally dusting it off!
The Ride For The Geezer Ride:

Well, I decided to roll a single speed again for this years Geezer Ride, and I chose the same one I used last year on the Geezer Ride. The thing is, I haven't ridden the ol' girl since the last Geezer Ride! It was in a serious need of dusting off. Yes.....the dust from last year's Geezer Ride! 


I have so much going on with bicycles that a mere dusting off is not high on the priority list. I mean, it is a single speed and all. The brakes are fully sealed, with full run housings, and a little dust isn't going to faze this bike. But yeah........I had kind of forgotten all about this bike for far too long. Oh well, it is a good thing the Geezer Ride came around again then!

I took it out for a spin on Wednesday to check on the mechanical soundness of this rig. I ended up flatting. A split in the rear tube. Yes tubes! There is no way I'd ever stay on top of a tubeless set up on this bike. The ride was like an old friend, as it should be. I set this up to mimic the old set up on my '03 Karate Monkey, which until I got the Gen I Fargo in late 2008, was the best fitting and feeling bike I had ever had. So, I was basically out to replicate that with this frame design I did and with the parts set up the way it is. By the way, this is a fillet brazed frame and fork by Mike Pofahl. He does some great stuff.

Bar Yak complete!
BarYak Peregrine Arm Rests:

Well, the system is complete now. I told y'all about this BarYak system here. Well, I couldn't get the Peregrine 4 Arm Rests with that back then since the stuff was out of stock, but I just received them yesterday. I'll have to get those things mounted up and show them off here soon.

I think they will make me a bit more confident in riding all "aero-like" on gravel than I thought I might be. I tried riding with the set up as it is just on pavement and I wasn't too sure of myself. Granted, I need practice and I need to use my head. City riding probably isn't the best thing to be doing on aero type bars! I do look forward to trying these out though. I see others using things like this and I know it is a great way to get free speed and give your body a break from the usual positioning.

So, after I fiddle around with the fitting of this set up I will be back with my overview of how I think it can work for me and my needs. I have already made plans for this to go on the fat bike this Winter too. Hopefully I can make it work there as well.

Garage Sale:

Maybe you've noticed the Garage Sale page here. (The link is under the picture on top there.) I stick things on that page I don't need anymore. Well, I haven't heard from anyone regarding that stuff lately and I thought I'd point it out, 'cause, ya know, I have a Big Dummy to pay for. 

Plus I have a couple of other items that are going on there soon,but I'm giving everyone a head's up here first. I have a pair of black anodized Velocity Duallys laced to green anodized Borealis/Turnagain hubs. These would be perfect on a through axle fat bike set up that takes a 150mm front/197mm rear. These have never been on a bike. Brand spankin' new wheels. I also have brand new, in the package Bontrager 29 X 3" Chupacabra tires to go with it. I haven't set a price yet, but feel free to make an offer.  A reasonable offer. 

Okay, that's it for today. Have a great weekend and get outside and pedal! 


Tyler Loewens said...

What rear driver is on that wheelset?

Guitar Ted said...

@Tyler Loewens Oh yeah.....I forgot to add that. It's an XD driver.

Tyler Loewens said...

Oooo - I'm interested