Saturday, September 03, 2016

Minus Ten Review- 35

Tomatilla Green. I miss this color scheme.
Ten years ago on the blog I was running through a series I called "Materials Of Choice" where I researched all the materials commonly used in cycling. It was pretty enlightening. I actually learned quite a bit by doing it and it became one of the most popular revisited set of posts on my blog for quite a while.

The last post of the week was concerning all the great 29"er news coming out of Eurobike in 2007. At the time, this seemed rather ironic since Europeans were rather cool, (and to some degree still are) concerning the big wheeled bicycles. They were still all about 26"ers back then. So it was a bit puzzling at the time.

Now with the benefit of ten years of perspective, it was really all about how Eurobike was rising in prominence as the show where companies and brands showed off the newest goods first. Interbike was never quite the same after that. Of course, things are still changing, and now with so many people on mobile wifi connections, it is at a tipping point to where it seems a digital launch on news and innovations is really the focus now. The flip side is the dealer only/traveling demo truck shows which aim more at hands on, grassroots marketing. Anyway.....

Ten years ago it was cool to find out more tires were coming out, and rims, and forks. 29"ers were starting their takeover of 26"er mountain bike categories. Those were some exciting days for the 29'er fans.

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