Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday News And Views

Not this year: Interbike Outdoor demo was a ghost town and not like this at all.
In the "Hey! Didn't I just Say this?" (Like years ago) File

Interbike suffered its worst attendance in years this week and even the press had to admit what I had been witnessing for several years back in the day when I used to trek out to Sin City. Check out this missive from Pink Bike. But like I said, I've been ringing this bell for years now.

Back in 2010, Interbike said that the '10 show would be the last in Las Vegas. It was going to go back to Anaheim California. A lot of people were stoked about that idea. Then the I-Bike wonks yanked the carpet out from hopeful vendors, media, and attendees' feet and put the show back in Las Vegas the following year where it has remained ever since. Was that its downfall? Well......maybe partly it was. However; I think it has a lot more to do with what I've said all along- and what the author of the PinkBike story finally cops to- that being that Interbike is irrelevant. Check out this bit I wrote six years ago:

"The biggest question still out there is "Will moving Interbike and its date even matter?" I would have to say that without the bigger companies commitment to coming to Interbike, and instead, having their own private "dealer camps", Interbike will be ineffectual as a place for the independent bicycle dealer to come to for an overview of what to expect in the coming year. The other thing is that with Sea Otter in the spring, and Eurobike located where it is, I don't see Interbike gaining back much, if any, relevance in as far as introductions of new products and innovations that would draw dealers and the media alike."

Yep- I wrote that last paragraph six years ago. Makes me wonder if that PinkBike guy is just ripping me off. (<===HA! Not really. ) Anyway, this isn't news, it is just inevitability finally playing itself out. Anyone paying attention could see this coming years ago.

Need a set of 29+ wheels for your fat bike?
 Plus Wheels For 197mm/150mm Fat Bike For Sale:UPDATE- THIS ITEM SOLD

Okay, I wanted everyone that reads here to know that I have added a wheel set for sale on my Garage Sale page. For $500.00 you can get this 29"er plus wheel set made to fit a Blackborrow, Surly ICT, or similar fat bike with 197mm rear through axle and 150mm spaced front fork with 15mm through axle. Not only that, but it comes with an XD driver already mounted with a 10T-42T GX cassette. NOT ONLY THAT, but you will also get a brand new set of Bontrager Chupacabra tires, 29 X 3.0" TLR and still on their retail sale cards. The wheels feature Turnagain hubs laced to Velocity Dually rims. Basically, all you'll need to add is tape, valve stems, and your bike and you can have a turnkey 29+ set up for a fat bike. Also- these components have never been used! Brand new stuff!! 

I've decided to go a different direction and I am going to sell these things off as I won't be using them. They were going to go on my Blackborrow at one point. These wheels, tires, and cassette, plus spokes, nipples and labor to build the wheels would normally cost you $1000.00 for the pair. You are getting it all for half price.

Also- I have a lightly used Bluto fat bike fork off a 2015 Salsa Mukluk for sale as well. Make me an offer. I need it to go away as well. Thanks!

I am also adding a Mukluk frame in Xtra Small Size for sale. Great shape. It is the one my son out grew. Yours for $300.00. Frame only! I have a fork which can be added if you are interested, or you could buy the Bluto with this at a package deal price.

Let me know if you need them. See the Garage Sale Page for more details. 

Here it is! The longed for Big Dummy in the flesh!
Big Dummy In The House"

Some would say that the "big dummy" is me! Anyway, I got the Big Dummy home last weekend and started using it straight away. I have to say that I was right about this bike. It is sooooo much better than the Xtra-Cycled Schwinn that there can be no comparison.

There is a bit of an odd fit to these things though. I noticed that this bike has gobs of standover, but the seat tube is still 20" in length measured from the center of the crank spindle to the top of the tube. Yet the top tube seems 1990's short. I was a bit cramped and too upright at first. So, I yanked out the Uno seat post I got with the bike and popped in the Salsa Shaft post I had because of the greater set back. It was marginally better, but still not enough, mostly due to the Brooks saddle. Those saddles are notoriously difficult to get set back far enough due to the design of the rails and undercarriage.

So, I got another seat post! This one was a Paul's Tall and Handsome post. First off, it works, it is beautifully simple, and it is beyond well made. Secondly- damn! It is expensive!! I get that it is made in the good ol' USA and all, but it clears $100.00 retail by a lot and let me tell ya folks, it isn't that special. The thing is though, it does as advertised and gets that Brooks right in the sweet spot. Perfect, as a matter of fact. What would you pay for a perfectly set up Brooks? Answer: Waaay too much money, but the results cannot be had in any other way. So, in the end, it was worth it. It made the Big Dummy work better for me, that's for sure.

Three seat posts later and now I am happier yet. I have more to say about this bike. Stay tuned......

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend! get out and ride!!

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JonnyKF said...

Hey Ted,
I love my Dummy. Bought the frame used in 2011.
I've been running it with Woodchippers, and really enjoy it
Anxious to here what you think of your Dummy.

Take Care,
Jonathan Fong