Monday, September 30, 2019

Barns For Jason: The N.Y. Roll Ride

A shadowy Barns For Jason in the early morning twilight Saturday.
Saturday I went for a bicycle ride very early in the morning with New York Roll. I typically don't get up this early for a ride, and that's a shame, because riding into the morning is an awesome thing to do. I highly recommend doing it.

This ride started at 5:30am and the route was by N.Y. Roll on some roads he had been eying to do in the Southeastern part of Black Hawk County. We also made a short foray into Benton County as well. Since this ride consisted of about 55% new-to-me territory, I saw a lot of new-to-me barns. You know what that means if you've been reading this blog for any amount of time. It means it is time to share more "Barns For Jason".

I'm not going to assume that everyone knows what this is, so please bear with me as I give a brief recap on what this post refers to.

"Barns For Jason" started out as a "barn find challenge" between myself and Jason Boucher, a friend of mine from Minnesota. He laid out the rules which are as follows; 1: ALL images must be taken during a bicycle ride. 2: Once a barn has been shared, it cannot be used in the challenge again. Pretty basic rules. Jason found out though that I could find a lot more barns than he was finding on his routes, so he bowed out of this challenge years ago. But I still do it, according to these simple rules. I still do this, mostly to document the barns in rural Iowa and elsewhere that I ride, because they represent a time gone by in history.

Okay, with that said, here are the barns I saw on our ride Saturday.


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Rydn9ers said...

You know, this might not be a bad idea... never though of doing just to document barns that are here now but probably not there for long.