Monday, April 12, 2021

In Case You Forgot- It's Still Spring!

Got those 650B tires set up over the weekend.
 Remember when I was telling you it was too dry and that I had been riding in shirt-sleeves, and that it was in the 70's? Well, about that....... nature has a way of balancing out, and well, it is still Spring! We got the memo this past week.

Cold winds, rain, and grey skies dominated the latter part of the week and over the weekend? pssssshaawww...

Let's just say that if this had been a Trans Iowa weekend it would have been a classic weekend of weather for it. I wasn't going to go out and battle 25-30mph winds in air that was often so wet that it seemed like we were in a mist-machine of some evil Summer hating villain. Besides, I was going to err on the side of caution in terms of health.

You see, in case you missed the mention last week, I got my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine last week and the side effects were being felt all the way into the weekend to a degree. I just wasn't quite 100%, and the weather we had demands that you be 100%. Because that kind of weather will drag you down, in terms of health, and if you are already weakened? Not good.....So, I played it safe and just decided to set up the tires and risk a bit of a test loop around town here to make sure the 650B's were settled in correctly.  

Since I am on a single speed with these tires, you notice the diameter difference between 650B and 700c a bit more acutely. Using smaller diameter wheels lowers you gear ratio a tad bit. I was definitely feeling that on the test ride. But it isn't terrible. I could maybe get back to where I want to be with 700c by dropping a tooth in the rear, but I'll leave it for now. I've got plans......

More on the wheels and tires soon.

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