Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Another Fargo Gen I Post (But With Links This Time!)

From Sunday evening's ride this past weekend.
The Salsa Cycles Gen I bike is an oft written about bicycle on this blog. Long time blog readers have seen this bike come and go throughout the years. So, why bother writing anything more about it? 

I've written about my likes and dislikes regarding this particular Fargo here. I've wondered if I could ever replace it here. I paid for and registered for the inaugural Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra only to be a no-show because of a Fargo Reunion Ride which came up last minute. I've modified it with different ideas for wheels. I've had countless event rides and reports from those rides which have featured the Gen I Fargo. 

So, another Fargo Gen I post? Really? 

Yes, really. 

I've tried to retire this bike, I've neglected it, but every time I see it in a corner of my shop, I get the itch to get back on it. Then when I do, as with the ride on Sunday, I am reminded of the reasons why I loved the bike from the get-go. 

Even though at times the Gen I Fargo sits unridden, I always come back to it. This is from 2020.

Maybe you have a bicycle, or have had one, that just felt 'right'. A bicycle that seemed to just accommodate your body, riding style, and needs for comfort so well that you have not been able to replicate it with another bicycle. Perhaps it is a bicycle you've bonded with through adversity and success. Or maybe it is a bicycle you've been connected to other friends by, and perhaps would not have been, if not for that particular bicycle. 

A pile of six Gen I Fargos as seen at a 2010 Fargo Adventure Ride.

 Well, my Gen I Fargo is all of those things for me. It has been that irreplaceable bike. It has taken me on several adventures. I've bonded with that bike through adversity and success. I've gained friends via the Fargo I'd never have without that bike. 

But then again, I ride that bike and I just am 'at home' and none of that other stuff matters in that moment. It is just another addition to the legacy of experiences and I can appreciate the newest one just as much as I have any of the other experiences. 

I keep thinking I'll paint it. It is so battle-scarred, but the finish is 'just right'. It has character, and every scratch tells a story. No, I'll just keep maintaining it and change tires, bar tape, and whatnot as those things are necessary. And I'll keep on riding it, of course, no matter how out-of-date it gets. It is an 'old friend' by this point, and I'd wager that as long as I keep writing this blog, you'll keep seeing this bicycle from time to time.


Phillip Cowan said...

In your opinion which current production bike comes closest to the Gen 1 Fargo? BMC LaCabra maybe?

Guitar Ted said...

@Phillip Cowan - Great question! I think the Tumbleweed Stargazer is a close, but modernized version, of a Gen I Fargo. I wrote a detailed post on that subject here: https://g-tedproductions.blogspot.com/2021/08/like-modernized-gen-i.html

The Stargazer also got perhaps its biggest endorsement from one of the 'founding fathers' of the Fargo idea when he purchased a Stargazer recently. So, I think my assessment of the Stargazer as being a close, modern day equivalent is spot-on.

MG said...

I’m with ya’, Brother… Even though my Gen 1 Fargo has a big dent in it, it’s sticking around for as long as I’m here. It’s greatness may have been somewhat accidental, but it’s better to be lucky than good, I always say.