Saturday, May 21, 2022

It's Getting Real

This seems so weird.
Well, in a week and a half I (hopefully) will be in Emporia, Kansas getting inducted into the Gravel Cycling Hall of Fame. Talk about weird. This feels really weird.....

Things got a bit more 'real' in regard to this as I heard a "Gravel Family Podcast" featuring one of the GCHoF founders, LeLan Dains. (Oh! And Lelan should be in the GCHoF as well! That needs to happen....)

And then MG, who is tasked with writing up profiles on each inductee, sent me a draft to look over for approval. Talk about humbling..... So, yeah. This is feeling more like a thing than it ever has before. 

You know, these are deals you never ever think about. Hall of Fame? Pfft! Whatever! So, when they announced this thing, and that I was probably going to get into it, and then I did, well, I just thought, "That's nice. Thanks!", and you know- That would be it. I'd keep on going along, doing what I do, and it wouldn't really affect me in any way. It just did not seem real. 

But I think this is real. I scheduled a rental car, so I'm pretty sure it is happening now, and so it is starting to sink in. People are congratulating me and saying that this is cool. I'm getting ribbed by people who used to barely know anything about what I did in the past, but heard about this deal, and suddenly are looking at a weird way. Not a 'bad way', just differently. I've noticed it. 

I heard on the podcast I linked above where LeLan said that, to a person, every inductee this year was very humble, and said that it was about the people, not about them. That's definitely where I am at with this deal. That link takes you to my April 5th post when I found out that the GCHoF had selected me to be inducted into the inaugural class. I think I may draw from that post for my "speech", which they said I get 3-5 minutes to deliver. (Gotta get to work on that)

Anyway, I just wanted to say, "Thank You" again to all of you readers and supporters of mine and by way of Trans Iowa. You people are why this is happening, and I appreciate each and every one of you very much.


Travel Gravel said...

Congrats to you! You should consider a personal license plate for your car, "GRVLHOF" or "HOFER" "ROCKGOD"? Way to go.

Guitar Ted said...

@Travel Gravel - Thank you!