Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday Rants and Raves comment on the "trail situation" in Geo. Wyth. It seems that it is possible that a good outcome might be realized by the State, mountain bikers, and some outside "trail building experts". But, I ask you this: Is it possible that the only reason any of this is happening is because "someone" is ticked off because they noticed flourescent flags, and a raked "path" through their jurisdiction? It's not like they didn't know that the majority of their "hiking trails" were created in the very same fashion, or is it? Bottom line: I do not have an optimistic view of the outcome here. I leave it at that!

The Intense Spyder 29"er bike, reported on this blog recently, has taken on some further scrutiny. The reactions are quite petty, and the discussion has taken a "left turn", but the intial impressions of the test rider is noteworthy. If this design comes through the prototype stages as is, geometry-wise, then it will mark a notable departure from the "normal" 29"er geometry- if you can even say there is such a thing! Guitar Ted Productions is keeping their eyes on this project!

Publishers Notice! Guitar Ted Productions will not be posting again until late Sunday! This is the final post until after the Trans Iowa recon has been completed. Several hundred miles of highway and gravel goodness will be covered between now and then. A short report will be filed sometime late Sunday evening, and more will be posted on the Trans Iowa site, as well!

Have a great weekend, ride the trails, and enjoy your loved ones! OUT!

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