Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday: Moving On

Time to get onto the next phase of the cycling year, (indoor/ cross training), the shop season, ( X-country skiing, ski and snowboard tuning), and moving on from fall to winter. Of course, many of you reading this have already transistioned to the "off-season" mode. I love that term, off-season. Do you guys realize that most people think of off-season as "no bicycle activity what so ever" season? Just try working in a bike shop in the fall and winter....................(crickets)........................Yeah. The Maytag repairman has nothin' on us shop rats! Fortunately, Europa Cycle and Ski has ski tuning kung fu! That keeps things a little interesting, at least! Also, the change of weather could have a major effect on how things go at work. A little snow can go a long ways to getting people to switch into Christmas buying mode. Thanksgiving time in a little over a week from now won't hurt either.

Trans Iowa V2 recon remnants will have to be taken care of soon, too. If not soon, then after the snow melts. I'd rather get it behind me now rather than later. Details are being worked out and plenty of info will be disseminated soon! To think that last year at this time we hadn't even hatched the idea for Trans Iowa yet, much less have any of the work that went into it done yet! Pretty crazy! Don't forget to check out Mr. 24's site for a couple of different pics regarding T.I.V-2. Here are some more! Enjoy!

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