Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Gales of November: Part II

Hmm.......seems like we've been through this before. And isn't today, or tomorrow the official anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald? I think so.

Driving to work today for the first time in ages. My wife doesn't like icy conditions. In fact, if this had happened in her home town of El Paso, Texas, the whole town would be shut down. By the way, we only have enough frozen, white slush that it barely covers the ground, but it is slippery.

Too bad we didn't get enough white stuff to ski on. This is only enough to be a nuisance, and it will only keep people at home, especially with this wind. I suppose dirtram, Monkeytron, shakabuku, and folks from points north are pretty happy. They are supposedly getting the real snow!

I suppose I better get back to oiling my chain and mink oiling my leather saddle! Late!

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