Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday: Late Edition

Had a long weekend off with the family this time, as I will be gone all next weekend on Trans Iowa V2 recon,, really! I'm going whether or not the "other car" is fixed or not! Informed my wife of that today, (ducking for cover!), and got the A-OK. So, next weekend by this time we should have the route locked in, and a very close estimate for mileage.

I saw where the Iceman Cometh race was held in Michigan this past weekend and there were reports of Travis Brown, the Trek team rider, being spotted on a non-stock '05 Fisher Paragon. That's a 29"er, by the way! A full on 29 incher, too. Not that crazy pink contraption that he rode in the Single Speed World Championships this year. No word on how he did, but perhaps this bodes well for a 29"er from Trek soon?

The trail clearing looked to be a success out in Geo. Wyth today. At least I didn't hear about anybody cutting themselves up out there! I suggest all locals get out and ride on whatever cleared, or new trail they can. It helps establish the trails when we ride them. I call it "burning in" the trail. It helps keep plant life from encroaching in on the singletrack, and it buffs out the trail surface so it's not so tooth- rattley. Now is a great time to do this, as it's late fall, and all the itchy variety of weeds have died off. Check it out! I'm anxious to see some of the newer single track, and I will be writing up my impressions on it all for you locals soon.

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