Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday: Late Edition- Trans Iowa V2 Recon

Well, it's been a loooong weekend! Over 600 miles of driving in less than 24 hours, mostly on gravel roads! Am I nuts? Ha! No, I'm insane! Here are some highlights to whet your appetite.

In one of the photographs, you can see what it takes to fuel course recon. Processed beef products! Yummy!

Another picture shows what the B level maintenance roads look like now! Next spring, things won't look quite so tame! The last picture shows you what happens when you don't follow your cue sheets correctly. You are transported through a secret time portal, and you end up in Texas!

Stats: 275 miles from my front door at the palatial Guitar Ted Labratories to the parking lot of West Sioux High School in Hawarden...........Thirty extra miles added to the course, .............more time added to finish the first half..........actually, there is more of everything! This is going to be an exciting course and I can't wait for the race! It should be epic! Oh! The parking lot in Algona ia now a concrete, lighted paradise compared to last years primitive gravel setup.

I got practically rained and blown off recon duty by the remnants of the tornadic activity that swept across Iowa yesterday. Lightning and rain that came down sooo hard I couldn't hardly see the deer that flashed in front of me while I was driving home at 65mph! Yikes!!! No worries, though, as I only have about 35 miles to check out yet and it's all pretty close to home!

I took it pretty easy today, since I was up for about twenty hours or so yersterday. Glad to have that monkey off my back!

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