Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturday Morning Cartoons

It's cartoon time! Remember that? I used to love Saturday morning because it was non- stop cartoons for a few hours. It's not so great now. With DVDs, cable, and whatnot, you can see cartoons anytime. Whoopee! Now, it's lost that special something. That element of being a thing looked forward to. Anticipation.............gone! Oh well!

Maybe that's what we, as cyclists, are banging on our bodies for right now. Spending all that time in the gym, on rollers, or a trainer. We are looking forward to something. A special time. With each day that goes by, the sense of anticipation grows. What could it be? Ahhh, it's that first glorious ride outside in the sun warmed air of Spring! Like Saturday morning cartoons, it only seems to last a few hours. Then, it's gone!

Enjoy your weekend, and hug a loved one!

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