Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday Special!!

Here are a couple of unrelated but interesting things I've seen lately.

1. This slapstick site is probably geared more to the masculine side of comedy, so you females can skip it. I got a 394mph slap the other day. What can you do?

2. The Blue Collar boys got their mits on one of those crazy frames that takes a 29 inch front wheel and a 26 inch rear. Dubbed a 96er, they are supposed to give the rider the best benifits of both wheel sizes. You know I don't like this idea, right?

3. Another Blue Collar review! This time on the Cateye EL-400 light. I just recently got one of these too. I really like it so far. I use mine as a helmet mount.

4. And finally. The Twenty Nine Inches crew got a Fisher Cobia in to review. It's Fishers under $1000.00 29 inch wheeled trail bike. We'll have to wait for their review, but it should be interesting.

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