Friday, November 25, 2005

The Friday After

Had to work today with Leans on Wood at the shop. We were moderately busy, but we weren't crazy busy. That would be Mall Wart, J-Mart, and Smears. Not the local bike shop. Anyway, it was busier than it had been before, so that bodes well for the Christmas season.

Carlos and Mr.24 came in an hour before I left. It seems that Carlos' main mission in life is to freak out Mr. 24 today. I wouldn't be surprised if I come in on Monday only to find out that they had a cat fight while they worked together over the weekend. Maybe Carlos is practicing up on his mental trickery so he can get inside his competitors heads. I don't know!

There is a ride planned for tomorrow at 8am. Outside. In the cold. Yep! Maybe I'll be there. It depends on when my son decides we should get up. Today, the little two year old determined that it would be 4:30 am. So, we'll see. It's only ten to six now and he's goin' down slow already. That doesn't bode well for me as far as getting a whole nights sleep, and I'm not riding myself into a sickness now! Speaking of being sick, someone pass Mr. 24 a hanky! His nose is running again!

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