Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mr. 24 International, and Thoughts On Rumors

I saw that a certain race was catching the eye of Mr. 24. (What's the deal? He goes overseas to race, and now he's Mr. 24 International?) I think that since he is sponsored by a company that sells lights, then he should be looking at this instead. Hey, it's the same island, and everything. Why not? Besides being an international racer, he would get his mug on nation wide TV! Might as well reach for that brass ring while you can!

Regarding the post from yesterday about rumors, it seems that alot of people know stuff out there! It's really interesting that in today's "inter-connected world" that you have to be more careful than ever about what you tell someone. You never know, once you tell a "friend", the next thing you know, it's all over the world on the net! Big Brother is watching, indeed! I suspect that companies are either already aware of this, or are becoming so. Much to the chagrin of us common folk, I think this is going to draw a cloak of secrecy around corporations, and their goings on. Anyway, it's fun to see how it works now!

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