Monday, November 07, 2005

Tifosi Slip Eyewear: Under Scrutiny!

This is what your $49.99 gets you. Try that with your Oakley's, or your Rudy's, or.......
Guitar Ted Productions
The Central Scrutinizer at Guitar Ted Labratories has just procured a pair of Tifosi Slip eye wear that looks veddy eentah-reztink! Initial impressions are as follows:

1. The Slip model is a full coverage type eye protector that has no full frame. Good for your periphial vision, my dear!

2. The Slip is a good choice for those of you in the Melon Head Club. (You know who you are!) However; it still looks rather stylee on other "face types", as well. Let the eye of the beholder be the judge!

3. These are some lightweight eye goggles. Very comfy! The bow pieces have a rather flexible end that doesn't put a lot of pressure on the head. It's a good thing, trust me! Plus, they don't shift around alot because the ends of the bows have a nice grippy covering that keeps 'em put.

4. The optical quality of these glasses are very high. No apparent distortion of viewed objects, that I've noticed!

5. Nit pick! The Slip did not come with instructions as to how to change out the lenses properly. I was a bit tentative about possibly breaking them, but managed to figure it out. Tifosi, we need to know how to do this, especially if we are "noobies" at these interchangeable lense glasses.

6. It comes with three good lense choices, a cleaning bag, and a really nice soft case for a killer price of $49.99. (At Europa Cycle and Ski, for you locals)

More to come, but the Central Scrutinizer wants me to put these things through thier paces before I write more. Okay? LATE!

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