Monday, June 19, 2006

Johnny T. in the Great Plains

Here is something I never thought I'd see. A mountain bike company based out of Nebraska! And not just any ol' mountain bike company either, but one that bears the name of one of the greatest American mountain bikers of all time, John Tomac.

It seems that the former director of North American sales for Answer Products, Joel Smith, ( who himself has been a sort of icon over at Answer) is from Lincoln, Nebraska. He licensed the Tomac Bicycles name and plans on relaunching the line. Tomac Bicycles had originally been started as a joint venture between John Tomac and Doug Bradbury,( who was responsible for starting the Manitou line of bikes and front suspension components, which later was bought out by Answer Products). Then the Tomac line was purchased by the American Cycling Group, which also handled Litespeed bikes. What a tangled web!

Anywho, this whole new venture being based out of Nebraska is great. Like the linked article explains, lots of folks have no idea that there is good mountain biking in Nebraska, or anywhere in the Mid West for that matter. Coupled with that is the fact that you have a living legend in John Tomac being affiliated not just in name only makes it even cooler. You gotta remember for us old codgers, Johnny T. was the schiznit! Him and Deadly Nedly..........and Tinker. Anyway, I digress!

Finally, the thought lit on my mind while pondering this news. Hmm.......Lincoln, Nebraska has a pretty good population of 29"ers, I think...........Hmmm.........maybe, just maybe........

Just thinking!

Congrats and good luck to Joel Smith, Johnny T. and Doug Bradbury. I hope the re-launch is sucessful!

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