Sunday, June 04, 2006

Passionate MTB People Apply Here! Part II

If you haven't heard already, the 12 hours of Cedar Valley got cancelled due to the fact that the primary passionate person got his job yanked and had to move to Missouri. (Not that there is anything wrong with Missouri, mind you) I just mention this as a prime example of what it takes to get the ball rolling on trail maintenance, race promotion, or what have you. When things get done, it's because someone feels strongly enough about it that they decide to take action.

I alluded to the action part at the end of yesterday's post. I know that it might seem a bit hypocritical of me to complain about the Green Belt getting overgrown and then to make these comments, but for the sake of brevity and non-self promotion, I will just say that I've been paying my dues all along. There's been alot of sweat equity put in out there, I'll tell you that much!

So, the point is that we had an event planned and now it's done before it started. That's a bit disappointing for alot of folks out there that were planning on coming to share in what we all love to do: Ride our bikes. It's a bit disappointing for me, because here it looked as though we might have an opportunity to get more local folks jazzed up about riding and trail maintenance. I'm sure it's disappointing for the folks that are on the race team that had their name on this too. All for the lack of passionate people that take action?

Hmm.............I don't know the whole story behind the cancellation of the 12 Hours of Cedar Valley, but I'll bet that's close to the mark!

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