Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday News And Bits

Just got sight of the update to the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational site that Mr. 24 did for me. It's the route map for the ride which is clickable and zoomable, and's all interactive like that! Looks like it should be right at 150 miles. Hmm.....we'll see! It'll be tough and I've yet to determine whether or not to start it earlier in the morning, which would mean having a light on board. I guess there are worse things!

Speaking of looong gravel rides, check this offering out. I'm not the only crazy gravel grinding looney out there! This looks good. I even have that weekend off. Hmmm............. Maybe, just maybe!

Raleigh XXIX Update: The good folks from Raleigh Bicycles have told me that the XXIX is expected to be delivered to their two new U.S. warehouses by sometime next month. Look for bikes ordered back in May/ early June to be delivered first. Raleigh says that the response to this bike has been excellent and that because of it's popularity the supply will be limited. A cool note on this frame: The company that produces this frame has two people welding all of these XXIX's and one of those two folks is the owner of the company! How cool is that? Kind of gives the Raleigh 29"er that small builder, cool, soul vibe, don'tcha' think?

And futhermore.... The XXIX will be joined by an as yet un-named geared version sometime yet this fall. The bike is going to feature the same steel frame construction with braze ons for cable guides, a hangered drop out insert, and a 80mm suspension fork. The price point that is currently being talked about is $1200.00. Look for any further details here or for the official introduction of this new model at Interbike this fall.

GDR Update: Last I saw, Matthew Lee was still in the lead with his locked out Lefty and looking to get a repair for it somwhere in Idaho..............Dave Nice, whose bike got stolen while he was napping roadside in Montana, is safely on his way home to Denver, Colorado. His close friends have sent him bus fare, and also set up a Paypal account to raise funds to get him back onboard a bike ASAP( contact: )............Kevin Montgomery, whose knee looked bad, but rode through that semmingly, has now got a shifter issue that might be a problem. He is currently in second on the route...............The Fixie Brothers are still perpetrating their shenanigans somewhere in the wilderness of Montana or Idaho..............several other racers still on route in Montana as of yeterday. Check for more info as it becomes available.

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