Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Riding In Tune: Counterpoint

Note: This is the second part of a two part post on Riding In Tune: Point/ Counterpoint. Read yesterday's post to get the point presented by my guest, George Wissel. Today's post features my rebuttal and a final statement written by George. Enjoy!

A Counter-Point to Riding with Music By Guitar Ted

I have issues with this practice of riding with music. I won’t touch on everything here such as how music can distract you from being aware of other trail users, or how wearing ear buds to hear your tunes is dangerous to your hearing. I will just cut to the basics here. The opportunity that awaits each and every mountain biker out on the trails that is wasted by listening to your music is too good to miss. That you would never even consider giving yourself a chance to experience that opportunity is sad at best, and downright offensive at worst.

The thing I am talking about is not man made. It’s bigger than anything ever imagined and to think that some random tune getting blasted up into your head is going to enhance that experience is short sighted. I’m talking about nature. The sounds of the animals, the wind, and the water in the stream. These things that could inspire you, or even suggest an appropriate song from your memory, are negated by whatever tune the iPod has up next.

I know that for some, the whole idea is to take your mind off of the pain of a climb, or some such thing. I just do not understand how when you are surrounded by something as awesome as nature that you can’t lose yourself in it. How can a mere song compare? Perhaps we just aren’t tuned in since we have the tunes piped into our heads. Maybe I’m just a neo-hippie; tree hugger, (not likely!) but I’d rather get my inspiration from a more natural source, thank you very much!
In Conclusion...

Ultimately, it really doesn't matter if you ride with or without music. The point is, you ride.We all have our reasons, schedules, agendas, motivations, escapes. How do you feel about it? Be heard. Are we full of it? Let's see what the thin side of the coin has to say!

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