Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What's That Noise I Hear?

Tour deFrance time again and what do I hear? More "Lance" allegations! He did this and he put that into his body. Unnngh! Does anybody else think this is getting stale?

I really could care less what Lance said or did according to all of his accusers. Here's what I find to be specious in their statements. First, if these spectacular accusations are true, then why didn't you say something WHEN IT HAPPENED! What........were you afraid that the "Lance Patrol" were going to sweep down upon your humble abode, kick your door in, and haul you off to the Postal Concentration Camp? Come on! These allegations of wrong doing that surface years after the fact are rather lame, folks. It looks more like a money grab and less like a call for justice.

Secondly: What do you hope to achieve? Are you really interested in "The Truth" or do you just want to topple the grand monument that sits in the Public Square? Look, the "Public" has moved along, thank you very much! Nothing to see here anymore since Lance has given up the Quest of the Yellow Tunic. I'm sure that in a few more years Lance will be about as well known as..........well, Greg LeMond! The once flaming Molotov cocktails the accusers had to fling look more like a kids Fourth of July sparkler these days. Lance is done and he has written his story. Quit trying to open the book to add more chapters. I don't care to read that story anymore anyway. It's old and "you" are a nuisance!

Besides, can't we just have a good ol', throw down cycling event for once? Why is it that every May we have a new policia raid and every July we have this drivel about a cycling Texan. Can we quit the dirt digging and rear view mirror gazing long enough to see the pure joy of cycling for once? Please..........

Okay, I guess maybe I'm asking for a little too much. I will leave the "Accusers" to wrestle for the Fame and Fortune while I go out and ride my bicycle. At least no one is trying to bring me down for that...........yet!

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