Saturday, December 09, 2006

More Trans Iowa Recon

Today was more gravel road driving checking out the Version 3 course. This time I did something really different and brought along the family. I figured that we need practice being couped up in a car for hours since we have a big vacation planned for next year. You know,......typical guy thinking. Killing two birds with one stone, ya know? That sort of thing.

Well, all I can say is, we need more practice time! As for the course, it's looking really great. I traveled 3.5 miles of "B" Level maintenance road today that is the most awesome "B" road stuff we have ever used. Quite hilly terrain actually. It's going to probably be in the night time section of the event, so it should be even more epic than ever.

The gravel is, for the most part, all recently maintained and the roads were pretty much covered with chunky gravel. Lots of dust too, so hacked throats and scratchy eyes might be a problem if the weather is at all dry. It's pretty windy today, as well, so I got a feel for what that might bring to the event. One thing is for sure, if it rains a bunch, we'll most likely be good, with the exception of the "B" stuff, but even that should be better, and there is going to be far less of it in this edition than there was last year. Don't get your hopes up, I replaced all that "B" stuff with something perhaps even worse! You'll see!

No pictures today, my cameras batteries went down while I was out there. Perhaps a couple of shots might turn up later. Besides, I wouldn't want anyone to figure out where we are going, ya know?

More updates later, stay tuned!

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