Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shifting The Brain Into "Think"

Lately in different places on the "blogosphere" as it relates to our tiny little corner of the cycling world, I have noticed something. Actually, it's something you can find in everyday life all around you, not just here on the "inner-net". What is it? It's people who haven't taken the time to think.

I know it might seem to be a foriegn concept for some, but if you actually take the time to use that gray matter 'tween the ears and think things through, you might not type the things you type in the comments sections on a lot of the blogs I've been reading lately. You also might just find that with a little bit of "brain engagement" the whole "transmission" of info will run a lot smoother, instead of grinding into angry bits, like it will otherwise.

Besides, these coments make the authors look like idiots.

Maybe I shouldn't be pointing this out, as it probably will detract from alot of peoples daily entertainment. I certainly wouldn't want to be a buzzkill for you guys and gals, and I must admit I've chuckled a time or two at the output of a "unfiltered" mind. However; all the knee-jerk responses and emotional outbursts have been getting a bit more mean spirited lately. Say what you will about frame builder Matt Chester, but he had a pretty cool take on all the "inner web" histrionics: "Calm down." Good advice for alot of the "trolls" out there right about now.

Anyway, if your comment count goes down for the next few days and things seem a bit more civilized, you can blame me! (Like that's ever going to happen! shuu-aahh!)

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