Saturday, December 02, 2006

Trans Iowa Update

I think that I will periodacally post my thoughts on Trans Iowa up here on weekends for a bit, since that's what will be keeping me somewhat busy around here for awhile. Here's the latest hoo-hah concerning T.I.V3.............

Post Card Entries: This has been a stroke of pure genius! Why we didn't think of this before, I don't know, but Jeff and I have been getting a huge kick out of this since the first cards started rolling in last Monday.

I've got to hand it to you guys, (and one far!), you are a pretty creative bunch! The handmade cards are amongst my favorites. They range from photographs, to handmade cards of very artistic nature, to cards with Trans Iowa themes. I am thinking that these might have to be displayed somehow at the awards banquet, or on-line in a gallery. Maybe both. Really.........some of these cards are pretty cool!

Then we have the "not for public viewing" cards, which some have amazed me from the sheer fact that they made it through the Post Office! Yikes!

One last point about the post cards. You can get them here by any means that you want, but they have to be postcards, they have to have the four required bits of info on each card, and they have to arrive at Europa Cycle and Ski no later than December 15th. By "post card" I mean the size and shape has to be regulation size. You can send it in a 5' X 5' box if you like, but it has to be "post card" sized to be acceptable. Okay?

Cue Sheets: We will be employing the tried and true model for layout, direction, and distribution of the cue sheets. Yes, that means the sheets will be split into a "first half" and "second half", which you must earn the right to receive by completing the first half of the course. Just like in past Trans Iowas. There won't be a "check-in" per se', but you will have to stop to pick up the second set of cues to be able to continue.

The Course: There have been some questions, ( as there have been every year we've done this) as to what the course will be. Other than to say that the course will begin and end in Decorah, we aren't saying. If you get on the roster, and if you actually show up on the 27th of April, you will get the first half of the course on the cue sheets. There will be no map laying out the route for all to see. There will be no list of pass through towns or any hint as to where you are going until you start out on the route in the wee hours of April 28th. (Unless you decide to map out the route during the night instead of sleeping!)

That said, the overall length of the course will be approximately 320 miles. I'll have more on the length and breakdown of the first half length versus second half length later.

Time Limits: Just as in past Trans Iowas, there will be time limitations. You will be required to cover approximately ten miles in every hour to reach the pick up point for your second set of cue sheets and to finish out the event. The event will begin at 4am. on Saturday, April 28th and end at approximately 3pm. on Sunday. (the ending time will be determined by the actual course length.) I'll have more specifics on the times in a later post.

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