Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Irony of the "Governing Bodies"

I usually don't say a whole lot about road cycling, professional racing, and the like on this blog channel, but lately things concerning the professional road cycling circus and off road cycling have been weighing on my mind. Today I am going to download those thoughts......

Operacion Puerto, the Pro Tour/UCI squabble, and WADA/ anti-doping crap has dominated the pro cycling news on the road side for well over a year now. If you are not familiar with what is going on there, than I suggest you not sully your fervor and joy for cycling by wading into that morass. Suffice it to say that it's a total buzzkill for that facet of the sport of cycling and they have lost one fan in myself, who can not stomach the madness anymore.

Now I see that the thing that I have predicted and feared for off road, ultra endurance cycling is now being "officially" proposed. That being a world governing body to oversee the "growth" of the sport. (Read "growth" as "shivering, cruel death of the sport")

Okay, let me get this straight. Somebody is seriously considering oversight of all of the different facets and flavors of off road ultra endurance cycling events. we can eventually have our own fiasco, like road cycling has? Umm......lemme think about this for awhile.....NOPE!! Not going there, thank you very much for wasting everyone's time!

I can't believe that in the shadow of a knock down, drag out fist fight, that has all but brought down pro road cycling to it's knees, that this proposal of enlightened guidance would be proffered. It's rediculous, to say the least. Even if it doesn't have a thing to do with the UCI or Pro Tour entities. Look at what has happened in our own country, (U.S.A.) We have the farce that is NORBA and U.S.A.Cycling. The "governing bodies" that have made participating in cycling here such an inviting proposistion that entire rogue racing series have sprung up and thrived from without their shadow of influence.

A governing body for Ultra Endurance cycling..........puh-leeze! Hey, we're having a bunch of fun, don't try ruining it all with your idea of what we are about. No thanks.

You can bet Trans Iowa will never be part of that kind of circus!

(This brought to you in part by Mr. 24 and Guitar Ted, Trans Iowa "Dictators for Life")

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