Thursday, December 28, 2006

Self Examination Time

Note: With the end of the year looming, Guitar Ted Productions is going to take a look this week at some issues affecting the 29"er scene, endurance racing, and this blog in particular.

Last year, I did a "Rearview Mirror" post. A kind of retrospective on the blog, "Guitar Ted Productions" itself. This will be a similar type of post.

My goals for the blog have largely been met. The writing has become better, (based upon feed back from folks like you, the readers) the content has been more focused, and the hit counter keeps climbing up and up. Mr. 24 contributed another design from his fertile and creative mind which has also enhanced the experience here. (Thanks buddy!)

Just to let everyone know, the blog has been beneficial to me in that I have landed writing gigs including having some catalog copy published in Haro's '07 catalog, writing articles for a few other websites, and becoming a part of the Crooked Cog Network as a contributor to Twenty Nine Inches. So, writing has been very fruitful and rewarding this year, thanks to all those who have read, commented, noticed, offered, and come through for me. You all know who you are.

Personally it was an exciting year as many new things were done and experienced. I won't bore ya'all with details here, because that's not how I am. If you've been reading all along, you probably already know in the first place.

The comments section here is extremely important to me and I try to discuss there whenever I can. Today, if you care to, my desire is to have you use that as a suggestion box of sorts for your comments regarding this blog and anything you want to say, good, bad, or indifferent about how you feel the blog has done this year, or what you would like to see in the future. I'll not get in there today to discuss, but rather let that be a free place for you to say yer piece.

Tomorrow, I'll discuss where this blog will be going, goals, possible changes, and any suggestions that come from todays post and reactions to those.

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