Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday Dirt and Clerical Work

First the dirt! I got to put the Dos Niner through a few great dirt trails today and I had alot of fun. The softail part of the bike becomes invisible out on dirt. You don't even realize it's there, but when you don't slip out on a climb, or when you don't get jacked off the saddle on that little pot hole sized bump you didn't see, you realize something is different back there. Climbing was awesome. XC like handling on the twisties, stable 29"er wheels on the down hills, it was all alot of good times. The Michelin tires got a great work out as well. They had to handle the dry, hardpack at first, because the trails were frozen, but as the temps climbed, the trails began to un-freeze, and the mud began to creep into the equation. No sweat for the Michelins. They got a little packed up in the Iowa black dirt, but really, they handled the tacky dirt beter than I expected. The dirt was flinging off, keeping the tread blocks somewhat free to do their job and making the air around myself look pretty much like a flak field. Slipping out a bit in corners, the knobs would eventually find traction, and could be totally trusted to not dump you, within reason.

Now the paperwork! Trans Iowa roster work was done after the ride and it's a mind numbing task, but it had to be done. Mr.24 has it now, and if it passes muster, than he will post it on the site. By the way, did you check out the Special Announcement?

I should have some pictures sometime next week to share of the ride. Check back later!

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