Sunday, December 03, 2006

T.I. Clones and Booze

When you lead a sheltered existence like I have, only being aware of the local scene, you think you and yer buddies are the only ones insane enough to actually ride gravel roads. I mean, like really.......who else does this crap? Well, I get involved in Trans Iowa, and I find out that alot of folks like it. They like it so much, they actually copy the idea, and have their own events.

The first one I was aware of was the little ride down in Kansas that I ended up going to. The Dirty Kanza 200 wasn't the only one though. I was getting e-mails from Pennsylvania, Florida, and other parts of the nation from guys asking me how I helped do this. Then Endurosnob decided to get in on the action. Now I see Paddy is talking Canadian backroad goodness. Silly wabbits!

Now I'm finding out about all kinds of gravel rides. Rides in Nebraska, rides in Colorado, rides in North East Iowa, training rides, fun rides, and all sorts of gravel grinding goofiness. I guess you could say we all have rocks in our heads. Whatever it is, I like it. I like gravel rides and somehow knowing that a bunch of other folks partake also is kinda.......well, I don't know........ I guess I have some like minded brothers and sisters out there, and I find that to be a good thing.

So, now we come upon a new year and another Trans Iowa is in the works. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I am amazed by the support we get for this gravel grinder. This year, it's the booze. That surprised me, honestly, but in a way, why did it take until year 3 to have it happen? (I guess last years T.I. was partially sponsored by Paddy/Guinness and Stranahan's, since both were flowing freely in the park at Algona: yes, that includes Paddy!) This year we have not only the Stranahan's, but we have an Iowa product just hitting the market again after years of under the radar distribution. That and our first alcohol fueled preems, ( check out the site), that should make the event interesting. Not that the event participants will be drinking......booze, that is..........they'll be racin' for it. Kinda different. Well, this whole event is kinda different, so I guess it fits!

Gravel grinding and booze. Sounds like an enticing mix to me. All I can say is no matter how many stories that you read, ( and there will be stories, mind you), it won't compare to being there.

I'd mark my calendar for April 28th-29th if I were you! See ya there!

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