Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Forks and Wheels

Well I finally got a little issue solved that was keeping me off the RST M-29 fork that I am supposed to be testing and now that will start getting ridden. Looking forwrds to that for a couple of reasons. First, it's RST's new attempt at getting a higher end product out to market. Of course, it's their first attempt at a true off roadable 29"er fork as well. (They did offer a "29"er" fork in the past, but it wasn't anything to write home about)

Secondly, the RST sports a 43mm offset to the fork. That means that it should liven up the steering just a bit from any 29"er spec'ed with the old 38mm "standard" off set. I have installed the M-29 on the Dos Niner, which was designed around the Reba/38mm off set fork. It should be an interesting experiment to see what the results are. Maybe I won't notice anything, or maybe it'll throw everything outta whack!

Then there are the wheels. I have those Mavic C29ssmax wheels and I am running Bontrager Tubeless Ready tires on them which seems to be working just great. The next step will be to trade out the pre-production wheels for actual production ones. Then there are the Hutchinson Python tubeless compatible tires coming after that. Add in the cntinuing testing and riding on the Bontrager Race X Lite Tubeless ready wheels and tires and I'm one busy guy!

The 29"er wheel, tire, and fork segments are really popping right now with a lot of new developements. There's a lot more going on and still to come in those arenas. Not to mention the new '08 stuff coming out already from Fisher, Specialized, and Cannondale. I've already seen '08 product from all three of these companies and I'll say that the 29"er market is going to be twice as busy as last year, if this is any indication. Price points are going to be coming down and reaching higher. Lots more models from companies already in it and some new guys on the block too. (Specialized, Marin)

Speaking of forks and wheels, Cannondale is expanding it's Lefty equipped 29"er line up too. I saw some pics of some of the new '08's and they look tasty! Maybe I'll be allowed to give you a sneek peak soon. Stay tuned!

And check out Raliegh's new '08's on their website. New minimalistic graphics and WTB Stout tires, which look great. Even an XXIX in an XL! (Yes, it's the "Official Color of 29"ers" blue!)

Lot's going on! And summer is going away fast! Yikes!

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