Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm Not Watching

Okay, here it is folks. My answer to all of you to the question, "Did you see the Tour today?"


(Silent amazement) "Why not?"

Well, that's a long answer. The main thing is this. I get invested in something like the Tour emotionally, time-wise, and even physically to some extant. Then either during or most likely afterwards some scandalous plot, scheme, or other takes all the joy right out of it. All that previous investment is an embarassment. Like sending the new employee to find the left handed monkey wrench. (There isn't such a thing, by the way!) I feel duped when the punch line is read.

Then there is the "time suck" aspect, of which I alluded to above. You Tour junkies know exactly what I mean. Your whole day is rearranged around finding out how the stage of the day unfolded. "Hey! Can I talk to you in a minute. They're about to set up for the field sprint!" If you only knew what your wife was thinking when you said that!

Nope! I'm not falling into the trap this year. I'm looking the other way. And yeah...........I'll actually ride more in July. It's a good thing. No emotional attachment, no possibility for another let down. Besides, the whole pro road scene is quagmire right now. What do you believe? Is what you are watching even going to go down in the record books? Who knows.

So I'll be doing my riding, testing, and living my life sans Tour, thank you very much. That's my take. You can watch if you'd like, I've no problem with that. Just don't expect me to share when you ask the question, because I won't know.

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