Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back to the Lab For Testing!

Well, tonight I've got a ride planned. The thing is, most of my rides have an important purpose since I have all this new gear to review and test for Twenty Nine Inches. Every ride is at a different "labratory". It's not just a trail, but what does this trail have to offer that will show me something about this new gee-gaw I have to test. Does it have off camber? How about some rocks and roots? Are we going to be descending for an extended period? That sort of thing.

I suppose you guys that train alot are the same way. You've got your specific routes/rides that offer up different aspects of pain to train with. Well, I have the pain too, come to think of it!

At any rate, this day I should be testing and riding some new equipment. Getting a handle on how it performs and works in the field. It's kind of a balancing act between having fun and work. On one hand I've got to be paying attention to my new gear. On the other hand I'm having fun blasting up short steeps, railing corners, or just taking in some outdoors. Sometimes the outdoors wins! That's okay. That just means I have to ride another lap to get the focus in on the parts I'm thrashing that day.

It's all bicycles in the end, and what better way to have to "work" than to have to ride out on the dirt? I can't think of any. Besides, I'm needing a distraction from all of this pre-RAGBRAI hoopla going on here. The town the bike shop I work at is in is an overnight stop for the annual ride. It's featuring a Blues Traveler concert and an appearance by The Lance. I want to be far, far away that day! Out on some solitary dirt single track, surrounded by the serene sounds of nature, and testing some new equipment. Let the others bust themselves up trying to get a glimpse of The Man With The Fading Yellow Tunic. Me? I'll be testing in my favorite local lab.

See ya on the dirt!

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